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Stealth Aerial

Stealth Aerial

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Aerial receives K and Ka bands. Scanning of the Ka broadband, with capacity to detect uncalibrated radars. Small size to facilitate installation in the vehicle.
Short-range detectable aerial. High detecting capacity.

Compatible equipment: Evo 660 and 966.
Compatible equipment: 975.

  • Detection of uncalibrated radars
  • Lightweight
  • K and KA band scanning
  • High detecting capacity

The STEALTH® family is a product range from the detectable series, which enables us to offer customers a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

One of the features of the STEALTH® family is an aerial with frequency scanning, which enables us to detect uncalibrated radars; “that is: off of their regular frequency”. This unique feature is of great importance, as on the motorways there are a great many radars that are not calibrated.

One feature of the STEALTH® range is the possibility of hiding it completely so that it does not disrupt the aesthetic of the dashboard.

The STEALTH® BASIC is supplied with a central unit that can be hidden with a buzzer included so that it can be installed completely hidden, without disrupting the aesthetic of the vehicle’s dashboard with any sort of visible control unit.

The STEALTH® PLUS includes a unit with a GPS alert system that includes one of the most reliable databases on the market, with free updates that do not include any monthly fee.

A unique feature of the STEALTH® PLUS is the speed-based aerial switching, meaning that the aerial can be switched on and off based on the current speed at any given moment.

In the entire STEALTH® family, the reception distances are the longest of all products sold in Spain, according to an analysis source external to the company (www.antiradares.net).